Leaky Pipes In Huber Heights OH Should Only Be Fixed By A Plumber

Plumbing is a difficult thing to fix if someone isn’t a licensed plumber. Leaks can start in other places along the line when one area is being fixed by an untrained individual. Leaky Pipes in Huber Heights OH should only be fixed by a licensed plumber who has the knowledge and experience to correct this problem before it causes serious damage to a home or business. Leaks can happen behind a wall or under a floor and a plumber can detect the location of a leak without removing drywall or flooring to find its exact location.

What Causes A Pipe To Leak?

Deterioration or shifting of the pipes can easily cause a pipe to start leaking. Temperature changes can cause freezing of the water lines that cause expansion and contraction of the line and cause it to break. Unregulated water pressure from poor plumbing installation can burst or crack a line.


Clogs don’t normally occur on an incoming water supply, but they can become clogged in a drain from a sink, tub, or toilet. Leaky Pipes in Huber Heights OH in the sewer lines can cause the pipe to burst at a fitting due to the extreme pressure. A plumber can locate the clog, remove it, and fix the leak.

Only A Small Leak

Even if a pipe only has a very small leak, it should still be fixed as quickly as possible. Leaking water can cause increased utility costs from a well operating more than it needs to or drawing more water from a municipal supply increasing the cost. Water leaks can cause mold problems within a structure and extensive damage to a building.

Other Services A Plumber Can Perform

A plumber can install new gas lines, replace a hot water tank, install backflow preventers and testing, remove clogs, and install water purification systems. Water damage can severely affect a home or business and needs to be repaired quickly.

If your home or business needs plumbing work performed, don’t attempt to do it yourself. An experienced and licensed plumbing company offers 24-hour emergency service. For more information, please visit website. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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