Laser Dentistry: How to Save Your Teeth with Laser in Philadelphia

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Dental Health

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Patients with periodontal disease know they need they can get. When the disease is detected early enough, you can get treatment and recovery entirely from the condition. However, advanced cases of gum disease might be difficult to treat, especially if the jawbone has been affected. If you have tried switching clinics trying to find a treatment for your periodontal disease without success, you may need to know that laser treatment can help to preserve your teeth.

What’s the Standard Treatment for Gum Disease?
The standard treatment for periodontal disease is scaling and root planning (SRP). This is a non-surgical procedure of cleaning the gums and the root of teeth that may be exposed due to the receding gums. Scaling and root planning aim at removing plaque, tartar, and bacteria from the gums and the surface of the teeth.

A periodontist may also perform a gum flap surgery to clean the affected gums. During this process, the periodontists will surgically cut and flap back the gum tissue to allow deep cleaning. After that, they will suture back the gum tissue to heal.

The two standard treatments for treating gum disease are useful, but it depends on the extent of damage to the gum tissue. This is where laser dentistry in Philadelphia comes in.

How Laser Therapy Works
Laser treatment involves the use of a dental laser to remove the infected gum tissue. The dental laser is precise enough to target the inflamed gum tissue without damaging the nearby healthy gum tissues. Laser therapy is highly effective and pain-free, making it a preferred choice for patients seeking to treat their gums with laser dentistry in Philadelphia.

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