Key Factors in Social Media Planning for a Toronto Based Business

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Computers

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Planning a social media campaign requires knowledge and experience on how to get the best from social networking. There are many aspects which need to be considered in social media planning. Toronto Based businesses can gain local, national or worldwide attention depending on how a social media campaign is implemented. Knowing your target audience is crucial, as different strategies are required for each market.

The main considerations when planning a strategy for social media are timing, frequency and content. These are all factors which can help your topics to start trending or your content to go viral. With the right planning, your posts will receive more social shares, likes, comments and re-tweets which will grow your follower base.

Planning Out the Timing

A schedule needs to be planned to ensure messages are posted in the timeslots which will give them greatest chance exposure. The exact schedule will depend on the size and location of the market. For a business in a global market, a posting schedule needs to be planned so messages will be seen by people in all different time zones. When a business is targeting people across Canada or the whole of North America, local time zones will need to be considered when setting a posting schedule. A local business owner also needs to plan for when social media users are most likely to be viewing and responding to their messages.

Finding the Right Frequency

Frequency of posting is a very important factor in social media strategy. Toronto based businesses cannot afford to annoy their followers by posting too much within any given timeframe. Many users will simply unfollow or unfriend any account which appears to be flooding their feed. If messages are posted only occasionally, then there is little chance of them being noticed among all the others in a social media feed, so the right balance has to be achieved.

Know Your Audience

The content of social media messages, and any content which is linked in a message, should be carefully planned and maintained in order for the text, videos and images to increase in likes, shares, re-tweets and new followers. A successful social media campaign does not just uses marketing material; plans need to be made to start trending topics and for sharing the type of content which could go viral.

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