Keeping Your Kitchen in the Best Condition

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Home And Garden

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No matter how vigilant we are our kitchens will still become grubby after many years of use. That’s just a simple, low use home kitchen, but imagine that same scenario in a restaurant, cafeteria, industrial kitchen or fast food restaurant and the trouble is multiplied. State health and safety codes determine that the cleanliness of such kitchens must maintain certain standards to pass inspection. Most food outlets have to have their industrial kitchens thoroughly cleaned by professionals every so often to prevent outbreaks of food poisoning, contamination and dirt build-up.

Many reports from the NFPA—the National Fire Protection Association—indicate that many restaurant fires are caused by unsafe equipment that has not been maintained correctly or cleaned regularly. Kitchen hood cleaning in MA has new State regulations that high volume kitchen equipment such as char-broilers, exhaust systems and kitchen hoods must be cleaned and inspected on a quarterly basis. For moderate use equipment the rule is every six months.

What are Cleaning Services?

Full kitchen cleaning services usually include backsplashes, grease filters, oil capture systems, the entire exhaust ductwork system, exhaust fans and filters, and the cooker hoods. A cleaning crew will come to your premises and remove all the built up dirt, grime and grease from all the components of your kitchen. Most professional cleaning contractors in the Massachusetts area should comply with all EPA—environmental protection agency—standards and regulations, as well as NFPA code 96 and the JCAHO—the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

Because industrial and restaurant kitchens are used to make food for mass human consumption, they are held highly accountable for the condition of their equipment. If the condition of the equipment is not kept to standard the restaurant can be warned, fined, or even closed down if it poses too much of a threat to public safety. State regulations vary around the country, by they generally hold high standards of cleanliness to all public food outlets that prepare, cook or serve food to the public. If a restaurant keeps the standard it is not in any danger of being chastised by any association or government regulators.

Keeping a kitchen of any size clean is vital to prevent any kind of contamination or food spoilage and even things like fridges must be cleaned regularly, and kept at the correct temperatures.

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