Keeping the Office Clean: Outsourcing and Janitors in Marysville WA

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Cleaning

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Operating a small business involves a great deal of creativity. Every penny that comes in must be put to the best possible use. With many functions, it pays to outsource rather than hire employees to manage those tasks. A good example is the need for janitors in Marysville WA. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a cleaning service to take care of the office makes sense.

Keeping Employee Costs Lower

By choosing to work with Janitors in Marysville WA who are actually employed by a service, there is no need to add more people to the payroll. Along with saving on wages, this approach also eliminates the need to provide sick days, vacation days or any other type of benefits for a janitorial team. All the client has to pay is one set monthly fee. The service takes care of providing income and benefits for the janitors.

Setting Up the Cleaning Schedule

Based on the needs of the business, it is possible to establish a set schedule for cleaning. Perhaps it would be practical for a janitor to come in each night and take care of basics like vacuuming and emptying waste paper baskets. For a smaller office, having someone come in two or three times a week may be sufficient. Since the monthly fee will be based on how many cleanings occur per week, settling on a schedule makes it all the easier to control the costs.

Quick Response When Things Do Not Go Well

If the team currently assigned to manage the cleaning fails to take care of certain tasks or is otherwise unsatisfactory for any reason, all it takes is one phone call to the service. After receiving the complaint, a different team can be assigned to clean the office. This approach is much easier and faster than having to fire a janitor and then spend time interviewing for a replacement.

For any small business owner who needs janitorial help, Contact Frontline Cleaning Services today. After meeting with a representative and going over the specific cleaning needs, it will be easy to establish an agreement that benefits everyone involved.