Keep Your Vehicle Moving Smoothly With Quality Transmission Repair Service

by | Dec 24, 2014 | Autos Repair

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Your vehicle is full of moving parts, but some of the most important are those inside the transmission. An automatic transmission is a high speed, precision system that runs on hydraulics. This typically starts at the front of the transmission where the engine turns a torque converter. This device builds up hydraulic pressure and transfers the engine’s RPM (revolutions per minute) to the transmission. Inside the transmission are small channels where the hydraulic fluid is transferred to various areas such as clutches or shifting mechanisms. To ensure proper function, it is vital that these channels remain clean and clear. A transmission mechanic can ensure this with a specific transmission repair service known as flushing. The mechanic will remove the existing fluid and wash the channels using fresh fluid.


Keeping the transmission clean is critical to long life. To that end it is crucial to have the fluid replaced at regular intervals. Along with the fluid change, your mechanic can also clean the internal filter and check the pan for signs of debris. These pieces of debris can be either minute bits of the clutch which come loose from regular wear or pieces of the internal gears which usually happens when the transmission has been run with a low fluid level. The latter can be a serious problem because metal inside the transmission can result is serious internal damage including ruined clutches or internal clogging.


When a transmission wears out you have three options, the first of which is to have the shop rebuild the transmission. Not all transmission shops offer this option. The second is to have the transmission replaced with a factory rebuilt transmission and the third is to have a new transmission installed. The latter is very difficult and quite expensive because very few brand new transmissions are available as after market parts. The most common choice is the factory rebuilt unit. This is a transmission with completely new guts or at least those that wear out. Parts like the internal shafts and housing are cleaned, tested and reused, but the transmission operates as well as the day it was first made. If your automatic transmission is slipping or grinding then it is time for some quality transmission repair service and a visit to Marysville Speed n’ Custom.