Keep the Interior of Your Home Dry Using Experienced Roofers in Eugene

Water stains on a ceiling are often the first visible signs of a damaged roof. Unfortunately, when the problem gets to this point, the leak has been around for a while and has probably done quite a bit of damage to the home. Once water seeps past the barriers provided by roofing products, it soaks into the decking and timbers that make up the roof structure. This type of damage usually requires that Roofers in Eugene tear off large portions of the damaged roof to ensure the rot is eliminated. This is especially important in newer homes that use a lot of manufactured wood products. Exposure to moisture can cause these materials to expand and destroy the bond between the wood fibers and the resins that hold these products together.

The typical home is covered with asphalt roofing because this is the most budget friendly option available that also meets the building codes in most municipalities. Unfortunately, budget roofing isn’t the best option for anyone who plans to keep their home for a long time. The reason for this is that thin asphalt products will dry out quickly, and there are other options that offer much longer service lifetimes. For example, the use of composite shingles is typically guaranteed for the life of the home. A composite shingle is a much thicker version of an asphalt product, but the composite version is made in layers. The typical composite shingle will be two or three layers depending on its quality and the effect that the roofer is trying to achieve.

Roofers in Eugene also have the option to cover the roof with materials such as stamped steel. Steel roofing is quickly becoming a new standard because of its longevity and its durability. Plus, most steel products come in a large array of colors and styles so that it can be used on any construction project. As an option, steel roofing may also be installed over an existing asphalt roof to avoid the problem of demolition. However, this type of repair will require the advice of an expert. Contact Affordable Construction Company to determine if this option is available.

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