Judgment Lien On Real Estate

Do you have a judgment lien on real estate? If so, you may be able to sell that lien to benefit your bottom line. Our team can help you with the process. A judgment lien on real property means that, for some reason, the court has provided you with the right to compensation related to the ownership of real property. Often, this type of ruling occurs when a person fails to make the payment, or you suffer loss at their hands. This gives you a judgment against the value of their asset.

How Can You Get Cash for It?

In some situations, getting the person to pay for that lien is difficult if not impossible. Many times, you may not want to wait to go through the process of getting those funds out of the asset. You may want to get help right now for what is owed to you. That is where our team at Mayflower Judgments can help you. We can help you to sell your lien so you can get back on track financially and not have to worry about other people owing you money.

What You Should Know

A judgment lien on real estate can provide you with the legal right to ownership of that property or the ability to force the sale of it. However, this can be a costly process and is difficult, at best, to get through. Selling it may help you to get on with your life with money in hand sooner.

A judgment lien on real property is an important asset. It should be something you take seriously. However, in all situations, it is a good idea to work closely with a team that can help you to sell it for what it is worth. Turn to us to learn more about your options.

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