Is your swimming pool green?

The term ?green? is frequently associated with the environment but in the case of a swimming pool the word is used to describe the color. Unfortunately there is no ?snap of the finger? solution to turning an ugly green pool into a crystal clear pool overnight. The things that are necessary to turn your swamp into a spa are the filter system you use, the chemicals you use and the swimming pool cleaning services in Jacksonville Beach area that you employ plus yourself.

Of course the objective is to never allow your pool to fall into this state in the first place but the truth is, most pool owners experience a problem with a green pool every once in a while. Although it takes work a green pool can be cleaned, there is a time honored method that you should consider following.

Before you do anything you must remove all the large debris that has sunk to the floor of the pool, for this a hand skimmer will not work, you want to use a large leaf net. Do not attempt to vacuum a pool if there is a large amount of debris or you cannot see the bottom.

After you have adjusted the pH and alkalinity to the proper ranges it is time to shock the pool. Professionals who provide swimming pool cleaning services in Jacksonville Beach will tell you that you cannot over shock a pool so do not be concerned that you will have to use many gallons of chlorine. It may a couple of days of adding three or four gallons of chlorine each day to change the color.

Keep the filters running around the clock and backwash them as often as necessary, perhaps three or four times a day. A green pool will foul the filters very quickly, you cannot backwash too much, the more your filters run and the more you backwash the quicker your pool will clear.

If, after three or four days of following these simple instructions your pool is still not pristine then you may have a problem with the filter system and it is recommended that you have them checked by the people who provide swimming pool cleaning services in Jacksonville Beach.

Once the pool water is clean no doubt you will see dead leaves, algae and other debris on the pool floor, now is the time to run your vacuum.

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