Is Your Home Warning You of the Need For Electrical Repair in Lehigh Valley PA?

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Electrical

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The wiring of a home often goes unnoticed because it is tucked away behind walls. When issues arise with the wiring or it becomes outdated, it is wise for homeowners to seek immediate Electrical Repair in Lehigh Valley PA. Damaged or outdated wiring can pose a substantial risk for fires and electrical shocks and should not be ignored. With this information, homeowners can be thoroughly informed of the signs they need to look for, should their home need electrical repair.

According to the United States Fire Administration, damaged or outdated wiring causes around 67,000 fires each year. If the following signs are being exhibited in a home, it is time a homeowner seeks Electrical Repair in Lehigh Valley PA:

• Lights that are frequently flickering or going out could be a sign of bad wiring in a home. A homeowner who notices these signs with all of the light fixtures in their home needs to have their wiring inspected for damage and overloaded circuits.

• If slight shocks are felt when turning on appliances or a buzzing sound is heard when the electricity is turned on, this should be a sign of major concern to a homeowner. Electricity only has a sound when the wiring or another electrical component is in need of attention.

• Electrical outlets and switches that are hot to the touch are dangerous and need to be repaired or replaced right away. Continuing to operate these devices in a state of disrepair can lead to serious injuries and even death.

• Should the breakers in a home constantly trip or fuses blow, there is a serious sign the electrical circuits in the home are being overloaded. This can happen with older wiring or new high usage appliances being added to a home.

If a homeowner should notice any of these signs of electrical problems in their home, they need to call in a licensed electrician for repairs right away. For more information on the available services, Click Here. Call the office of Kauffman Electric and schedule your service call so they can take care of all of your electric repair needs.