Is There Any Need For Private Generators In Chicago?

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Business

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Illinois is not an unexplored wilderness devoid of commercial power generation plants and neither is it located in a poor part of the world where public electricity is, at best, erratic and unreliable. So, why would someone living in any part of Chicagoland (or running a business there) feel any need to invest in their own electrical generators for chicago?

Camping, Boating & Other Portable Requirements

Having their own generators in chicago can be very useful for people who regularly go to places where there is no electricity company supply to plug into. With boats and camping trailers it is usually quite easy to use the prime moving or auxiliary engines to generate electricity and store it in batteries for future use. However, there may be times when you would not want to keep the engine(s) running and cannot store sufficient electricity for your needs. The perfect solution would be to take along your own portable gen-set with you on your trips. In a similar way, people who wish to use electricity at a spot on their property that is remote from any wired supply might find small, portable generators for chicago to be useful.

Something More Permanent

While it is quite easy to think of instances where mobile power supply could be beneficial; what about having a fixed supply source at residences and business establishments? It is difficult to think of residences and businesses that are in such remote Chicagoland locations that it is impossible for them to connect up to the power lines from a utility company. However, what is easy to understand is the difficulties that residences and businesses could face in the event that the electricity supply should fail.

What Happens When The Lights Go Out?

Anyone who has lived in the so called “third world” will know something about about rotating brownouts and load shedding but, at least; when you know in advance when it is your turn to be without power; you can try to organize your electricity needs so as not to be catastrophically disadvantaged. Chicagoland is blessed with sufficient electricity for all and it is rare for your particular supply company to announce that they plan to cut you off at a given time on a given day (although it can sometimes happen when they need to install or repair part of the supply line in your neighborhood).

But, life is not always perfect, a strong storm or heavy winter snows can bring down power lines and you will then be cut off completely without any warning and no immediate clue as to how long that situation might last. That is the time when you will wish that you had invested in an alternative power supply of your own.

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