Is an Independent Church in the Twin Cities Right for You?

by | Apr 16, 2014 | Lifestyle And Relationships, Religion

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When you’re searching for a church to call your own, you’ll discover there are lots of options out there. Christians have a wide variety of denominations to choose from, each following the Bible in one form or fashion. While many long-established branches of Christianity offer congregants the type of experience they seek spiritually, others find an independent church in the Twin Cities just fits personal style much better.

If you’re wondering whether an independent church fits your personality the best, ask yourself these questions:

Do formalities matter to you?

If you find yourself longing for traditions and ceremony, a denominational experience might suit your personality better. If, however, you feel your walk with God is a personal experience that should allow you the freedom to worship in your own way, looking into an independent church in Twin Cities just might make sense. These congregations tend to embrace modern culture while harnessing its positives to spread the word of God. While age-old ceremonies work for some, others are simply more comfortable worshipping in a more laid-back, informal environment.

Does diversity appeal?

While all houses of God are technically open to everyone, not everyone feels welcome in established congregations. If you’d like to worship alongside the young, old, rich and poor, an independent congregation is often more likely to deliver the type of experience you’re after. These churches have a reputation of opening their doors to everyone and working hard to make sure everyone feels welcomed and accepted.

Is volunteerism important to you?

Many churches offer volunteer and outreach opportunities, that is true. Some independent churches, however, make this a part of their regular functioning. Members are encouraged to reach out and help others in true Christian fashion not only to give back, but also to lead by example. In performing volunteer work, independent churches also position themselves to reach those who are very far from God with his words and deeds.

Is a family environment a must?

Are you looking for a church where people of all ages are considered vital, important parts of the church family? If so, an independent church in the Twin Cities might suit you well. Some churches go to great lengths to minister to all segments of their population while providing activities that bring entire congregations together.