Is air duct cleaning really a necessity?

by | Jul 21, 2014 | Home Improvement

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Is Minneapolis duct cleaning a necessity? The fact that the air we breathe outdoor is polluted is a given anymore. With the ever increasing numbers of sources of pollution this hardly comes as a surprise. When we go indoors we hope that we are entering an environment somewhat free from airborne pollution, unfortunately this may not be always true.


In the home windows are often opened allowing for the entrance of polluted air. This is so noticeable in the late afternoon when a thin layer of dust has already formed on the horizontal surfaces in your home. You dust the tables and counters in the morning and by afternoon they need dusting again. Even the most fastidious housekeeper cannot keep up with dusting. It stands to reason then that Minneapolis duct cleaning might be something to consider.


The same air in your home that you breathe is the air that is being circulated through your home via the heating and air conditioning system. The ductwork that carries both the supply and return air is subjected to the dust in your home the same as your tables are. The United States Environmental protection Agency, EPA, have not yet come down on one side of the argument or the other of whether duct cleaning is beneficial to your general health. What they do say is that it will not do any harm to have Minneapolis duct cleaning done by a service contractor.


It’s one thing if the ducts are only dusty, but if the ducts are wet then the system leads itself to the growth of mold. In the case, the spores will be released into the home and may be the cause of allergies or other harmful reactions to the people exposed to the spores. Just because something looks like mold does not necessarily mean it is mold. If you get concerned a sample of the material can be sent to a lab for analysis. The easiest way to do this is to take a piece of cellophane tape and stick it to the material you believe to be mold and send that off to the lab. If the results come back positive for mold it must be attacked as mold will continue to grow on the surface forever if it is not eliminated and then the source of dampness is eliminated as well. Getting rid of mold is a special process best done by Minneapolis duct cleaning specialists.


If you are unhappy with the air quality in your home it may be the fault of the air duct system. Dust, debris, rodent droppings and insects can often get inside the ducts, leading to potential problems. Minneapolis duct cleaning certified experts can be found at Steamatic of the Twin Cities.