Is A Disability Attorney A Necessity?

U.S. Social Security offers two basic benefit packages; one is a monthly payment you receive once you retire. The monetary benefit is dependent on the age the individual is when he or she elects retirement and the contributions made through payroll tax while employed. It would be rare for a person applying for retirement benefits to ever need the help of a lawyer.

Although an attorney is not needed to assist with applying for retirement benefits the same cannot be said when applying for those benefits that are available to those with a physical or mental disability. Statistically almost three quarters of the applications made for disability benefits are denied, this is the underlying reason why many applicants hire a disability attorney in Michigan.

Although 25 percent of the claims do sail through the system, the 75 percent that do not are subject to the appeals process. This process allows the applicant that was denied the chance to seek reconsideration, if that is not successful the appeal moves on to the chambers of an administrative law judge. It is at this stage the wise applicant will hire a disability attorney in Michigan. These legal professionals can help the applicant win his or her claim because they have what you don?t; knowledge of all the complex rules, regulations and laws that have been established by the Social Security Administration. In the majority of cases these attorneys have been working with clients in similar situations for years, this insight into the system often proves to be significant when fighting for their clients benefits. A seasoned disability attorney knows in advance what to expect in the way of questions as well as knowing what the judge will be looking for to support the applicant?s current condition.

There is no good reason not to hire a disability attorney, the fee they can charge is set by law and unless they win your case there is no fee payable as they work on contingency. Because of this arrangement the attorney will work diligently to ensure that your case is successful. To do this the attorney must gather all the supporting records including medical reports and test results that will be called for during the hearing. Using all his or her in-depth knowledge of the law and the system they will have at their disposal everything needed to prove your disability.

Of course it is not necessary to hire a disability attorney in Michigan to take the case to appeal but the truth is; the chances of a layperson winning a Social Security appeal without the help of an attorney is far less that winning the appeal with one.

In most cases the initial application for Social Security disability benefits is rejected. It is at this stage when you should hire a disability attorney in Michigan to help you with the appeals process.

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