Intruders Beware!

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Security

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Intruder alarms or burglar alarms as they are also known should be a feature of any house today. People work hard to furnish their homes and businesses with nice things, so why should someone be able to steal them from the security of your abode. They can be placed on any entrance point such as a door or window and will emit an audible alarm when the circuit is broken by the door or window being opened. More advanced systems may have sensors installed within the house which detect movement and trigger the alarm. Intruder alarms are usually set manually by the homeowner before they sleep or leave the house. A company specialising in burglar & intruder alarms in Portsmouth would be able to advise anyone looking to make a purchase about the right configuration for their needs.

Alerting the homeowner
Intruder alarms are a vital security tool that can alert you to the fact that there is an intruder in your home or business. You may be asleep in bed or in another room when someone enters your home illegally. An audible alarm will be sounded to alert you of an intruder’s presence and you can take the necessary action. Some people may confront the intruder directly but this is sometimes not a wise decision as you may end up getting hurt or worse. A safer approach would be to alert the police immediately so that they can assist you. Burglar & intruder alarms in Portsmouth are becoming more widespread as safety conscious individuals look to install them at their homes and businesses.

Alerting the police
Some intruder alarms have a direct connection to designated organisation. This may be the police or the private security firm who installed the system. When the alarm is sounded it not only makes an audible signal within the home or business but an alert is also sent to the designated entity. This allows someone to respond to the alarm without the homeowner even being at home and so provides even more security that a standard alarm system.

Alerting members of the public
If an intruder alarm is sounding at a private residence or business then there is a good chance a member of the public in the near vicinity will hear it. This means that the police can be alerted, immediately without the homeowner or business owner being physically present. This is obviously an added benefit and another reasons why intruder alarms are a fantastic security measure on any building. An intruder alarm will help detect burglars from entering your property, keeping you & your family safe by Bridger Alarms in Portsmouth, UK.