Information on Respiratory Fit Testing in Chapmanville WV

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Health

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Respiratory Fit testing is required for any profession which requires you to wear a tight-fitting respirator. These are required in a variety of manufacturing positions, which require you to be exposed to chemicals that could affect your breathing ability. This type of testing must be carried out at least once a year or whenever a new respirator mask is being used. If you need to go through Respiratory Fit Chapmanville WV, this information will assist you in knowing what to expect from the process.


When you have Respiratory Fit Chapmanville WV, you will go through two types of testing. The first part of the test is qualitative testing. You either pass or fail the test, based on your smell, taste and other reactions when exposed to different types of irritants. The mask fails or passes based on how well you are able to detect the test substances you are exposed to. This type of testing in no way measures the amount of leakage a respirator may have.


OSHA allows for four different types of tests. They include testing for Isoamyl acetate, saccharin, bitrex and irritant smoke. This form of testing is typically required for face mask respirators that only cover half of the face. These masks normally cover the face and nose.


Another portion of the test is quantitative testing. This form of testing measures the amount of leakage your respirator has. Quantitative testing involves three portions, including generated aerosol, ambient aerosol, and controlled negative pressure. With this testing, you must wear any safety goggles or prescription glasses you will be wearing on the job, so the test administrator can assure your mask will properly protect you from the inhalants and chemicals you will be exposed to.


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