Important Information About Dental Bridges in Chicago IL

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Dentistry

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For individuals seeking how they can seal their dental gaps, there are several options they can choose from. These include implants, dentures and dental bridges. A dental bridge is a fake tooth/teeth supported by two dental crowns. The crowns are placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap. Dental bridging is among the most common methods of replacing one or more missing teeth. If you are interested in Dental Bridges in Chicago IL, below are a few facts and procedure followed during dental bridging.

Who qualifies for dental bridges?

For dental bridge to work on you, you ought to be in good oral health. If the teeth surrounding the gap have cavities or are sensitive, then you do not qualify to undergo dental bridging. This is because the teeth are filed and modified for the fitting of the crown and may be painful or extremely uncomfortable if your oral health is not good.


A dental bridge is supported by the teeth surrounding the gap. Crowns are placed on the teeth supporting the bridge and for that to happen, the teeth have to first be prepared. Preparation means resizing the teeth so that the crowns can properly fit.

Once the teeth have been reshaped to the desired size, their impression through digital or traditional method is taken. The impression taken will be used in designing of your bridge and get proper measurements for the crowns.

After the measurement of your dental bridge, the findings are taken to the lab.Your dentist will however give you a temporary bridge. The temporary bridge helps you to continue with life normally and besides that, it helps to protect the reshaped teeth from damage or decay.

When your permanent bridge is ready, you will go and have a temporary one removed for the placement of a permanent one. If the bridge does not fit as required, it will be taken back to the lab for correction and once it is ready you will go and try to fit it again.

Dental Bridges in Chicago IL are available in different materials like gold, silver, porcelain and others. For more information about other cosmetic dentistry provided by Dr. Saul Legator DDS, visit the website.