Important Facts about Asbestos in Portland, CT

Asbestos is now known to be heavily carcinogenic and one of the most dangerous substances found in buildings, but there are many facts about it of which you may not be aware. For example, its name is actually a name given to six different naturally occurring silicate minerals, which are composed of long and thin fibrous crystals. These minerals can be taken and used in a wide variety of construction materials and commercial products around the world, and they are resistant to heat, flame, and chemical and electrical damage.

Not Completely Banned

If you suspect that asbestos may be present in your building in any capacity, you should immediately call on a removal service to ensure that this harmful substance is not disturbed and then introduced to the lungs of people in the building. However, it might shock you to learn that there are some products that safely use asbestos as an ingredient, although this is only true of six percent of the products manufactured with the material. Asbestos in Portland, CT is banned completely as an insulation material in homes, and 94 percent of all other consumption is now banned as well.


This material was banned from use in buildings after 1978, but it is still quite present in buildings older than this date. This is why the removal of asbestos is so critical, and why you should visit us to learn more about removal services in your area. Although still used to some degree in modern times, this is one material that should be removed from buildings whenever possible to ensure that it is never disturbed and thus “armed” and dangerous.


Unlike many toxins, this is one material which the human body cannot remove on its own, and the fibers will remain in your system indefinitely once inhaled or ingested. Due to their microscopic nature, they can slip through the natural filtration system of the lungs, and it is believed that they can travel through the body through the lymphatic system. No amount of coughing or cleansing dieting can remove the fibers once they have entered the body, and the risk of long-term health conditions is immense.

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