Important Considerations When Buying Indian Wedding Cards Online

If you have spent any time Googling for Indian wedding cards, you likely already know that there are countless options available. While it’s great that you can choose cards that truly speak to you, the amount of options makes it difficult to select just one. If you want to coordinate the cards with saving the dates and other stationery, that adds another layer of complexity. We’ll share some thoughts so you can narrow down your options.

Invitation Types

There are Indian wedding cards available in any style and type you could imagine. This means that no matter your preferences, there’s sure to be a card that fits your style. You can go with a classic, grand wedding invitation with bright colors. You could choose a modern card with lighter tones. If you want, you can go with something truly unique.

Considerations When Ordering Online

When you are ordering your Indian wedding cards online, you want to consider shipping time, the cost of shipping, and taxes. If you can get a sample of a card you are considering, that’s a great idea, too. If you are ordering cards from India, but do not live there, do a bit of research to ensure that they are a reliable company. Ask friends or family members for advice if you aren’t sure whom to go with.

Thinking About the Content

When it comes to wording your card, you can go with something modern or more traditional. You can take a look at wedding invitations you have received in the past to get an idea of where to start. Take the one you like and use it as a template to write your own perfect wedding card. Some online vendors will also have templates that can spark ideas. Make sure you have someone else proofread the contents before going through with a purchase.

RSVP Thoughts

You need to include an RSVP with your wedding invites, so knowing what types is right for you is important before the invitations are purchased. You can choose an online RSVP or include return envelopes with postage and RSVP cards. It’s yours to decide, but make sure it’s planned along with your cards.

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