Importance of Regular STD Testing in Anderson, OH

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Health

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Sexually transmitted diseases, usually referred to simply as STDs, can cause a number of potentially serious health issues if they are left untreated, which is why routine STD Testing in Anderson OH is so important. There is a misconception that only exceptionally promiscuous people contract STDs, but the reality is that anyone who is sexually active may be at risk. Early detection is important in ensuring the best possible treatment outcomes, so read on to find out about a few of the reasons that every sexually active person should be heading in for periodic STD tests.

Testing is Not Routine

Not all doctors perform STD tests as part of their routine check-ups unless their patients specifically ask to have these tests performed. It may be embarrassing to ask a primary care doctor about it or head to a clinic for a routine test, but failing to do so can have dramatic negative health impacts.

Not Everyone Shows Symptoms

It’s actually possible for readers to carry many different STDs and even pass them on to partners without even knowing that they have them. Some STDs present no early symptoms at all, while others present initial symptoms that are similar to less serious illnesses, leading patients to ignore them until their health problems have gotten substantially worse. STD Testing in Anderson OH allows patients to know for sure whether or not they have STDs, even if no symptoms are present.

Early Detection Improves Treatment Outcomes

Some STDs can be life-threatening if they are not detected and treated early. Just about all STDs respond better to treatment during their earliest stages than they do if they have been allowed to develop for some time before being caught. Even those diseases that are not curable can usually be better managed if they are detected early.

Possibility of Multiple Infections

It’s surprisingly common for patients suffering from one STD to have been exposed to multiple infections. The best way for patients to avoid health complications and the continued spread of these diseases is to head in for routine testing as per their doctors’ recommendations. Visit the website for one local urgent care facility to learn more about STD testing and other essential services. You can also follow them on Twitter.