If You are Thinking About a Hair Transplant and you Live or Work In Washington DC

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Hair Restoration

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As a lawyer who works in Washington DC and participates in some very high-profile cases in the nation’s capital, you pride yourself on how you present yourself. You think, especially when you go before a jury, as you most often do, you need to look your best to represent your client in the best possible way.

Lately, you have been noticing when you comb your hair that your hairline in starting to make a statement you don’t want to make. You have always been pleased with your hair, in fact, you think it’s one of your best features. Now your hairline is definitely receding and that does not please you at all.

You have started to investigate a hair transplant doctor in Washington DC. You figure that if you catch this early, it might not be discernible to anyone and that is what you want to do.

Only the best hair transplant doctor in Washington DC will be acceptable to you. You do some research and find out that there are several doctor-specific organizations to which the best doctors belong. You find a couple of doctors that might work for you and you want to do a video consultation with both doctors to see which one might work best for you.

After the video consultations you find the one doctor that you are sure will work best for you. He has explained the different types of transplants and together you settle on one. Now you want to make an in-person appointment to decide on the final details of where, when and what.

Consider Dr. William Lindsey, in Washington D.C. His web address is https://drwilliamlindsey.com/.