Identifying Problems with Water Heaters in Birmingham AL

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Plumbing

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Water heaters come in handy especially during the cold winter season. Everyone relishes the comfort provided by a hot water shower. If at all you want to enjoy the services of your water heater for a long time then you must embrace maintenance. It also saves you money on expensive repairs as well as energy utility. There are top dealers of water heaters in Birmingham AL whose expertise you can rely on to keep your equipment running. It is also helpful for you to learn how to identify water heater problems before they get out of hand. Below are a few pointers:

* Low heating temperature: Water heaters in Birmingham AL use thermostats in order to attain the desired temperature. Maybe you are not attaining a certain heat due to low settings. Adjust the thermostat accordingly. If the settings are correct and you continue experiencing this problem, then you need to have the thermostat replaced. You can easily check this out using tap water and an ordinary thermometer. Let the tap water run onto the thermometer for a while. Check the reading. If it is within a five degree range of the thermostat settings, that is fine. However, anything beyond this range means you need a replacement.

* Smelly water: A build up of bacteria results in a foul smell in your bath or laundry water. It means some bacteria have accumulated in the drain pipes resulting in a sulfur-like smell. To rectify this problem, apply some chlorine to the water heater and the bacteria will clear.

* Sedimentation: This is a common problem resulting from the buildup of salts and other impurities contained in water. It usually results in blockage of pipes. The best way to find out if this is what is impeding the flow of water is by inspecting the heater. Drain all the water from the tank. Pick a brush and use it to scrub any sediment that has settled at the tank’s bottom. Flush it away using a water hose before filling the tank with water again. If you find this too difficult refer the matter to water heaters in Birmingham AL technicians.

* Rusty or dirty water: This is a sign that your water heater is too old and needs replacement. The tank components have become rusty and worn out.

Whenever you come across a problem that is too complex to handle, the best thing is to call one of the water heaters Birmingham AL companies for assistance.

Regular maintenance gives you a trouble free heating service. Water heaters Birmingham AL service providers are always at hand to assist you.