How Your Child can benefit from a Gifted Program

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Education

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A gifted program for talented youngsters should encourage the child’s mind to flourish in an environment that fosters the sense of wonder in each child. Parents of gifted children should consider finding proper learning environs for their child so that the child grows up in surroundings where teachers are more sensitive to his or her needs and the child receives the tools and resources to reach his or her full potential. The school should ideally promote a sense of self and support curious and creative thinking among the children. Growing up in these surroundings, the child should acquire the knowledge and wisdom to be the leaders, thinkers and creators of the future.


Gifted children often have musical abilities. The children should be encouraged to try musical instruments. Instruction in classical music does enhance math skills in infants and young children. A gifted program would usually encourage the children to experiment with music and musical instruments. Children with high intelligence are also highly sensitive to others’ and their own emotions. The child should be exposed to loving surroundings. Emotional security and a loving environment can bring out the best in your child. The child should always have enough to do, so that he or she does not get bored.


A gifted program would usually have a fewer number of students per class. Having fewer students in each class would enable the teacher to focus more of their energy on each child. Schools for gifted children are more expensive to run and if you are unable to bear the costs, some schools do have financial aid programs to help sponsor the child’s education.


Bilingual instruction and inculcating an appreciation for diversity and others’ cultures and customs is very important today where the world is a global village. Instructing a child in two or more languages early on does improve the child’s verbal skills. The children are usually taught a second language through informal methods.


A normal school curriculum for pre kindergarten and kindergarten children would consist of art, music and very basic skills. In a gifted program the children are exposed to more advanced curriculum at an early age. A gifted program would usually blend and incorporate math, science, language arts, foreign language and visual and performing arts into the curriculum. The specially designed curriculum in a gifted program is effective in stimulating high ability learners to think and question without pressure and in a dynamic and fun setting. Your child can expect a lot of challenges and mental stimulation at a gifted program. Potomac residents can find specially designed curricula at schools meant for exceptional children.