How to Use Gold Chargers

Gold chargers come in a wide assortment of shapes and designs and will add elegance and charm to any table setting. Chargers are not used to hold food directly and so they can be made from any kind of material, allowing for a variety of raised patterns and textures. They may remain in place as each course arrives, and so enhance the aesthetics of the table throughout the meal. Gold chargers will add a sense of class to a wedding or other formal dining event.

Chargers-also known as service plates are designed to be positioned at each diner’s place setting, but this is not their only use; gold chargers can also be used with napkins or doilies as trays for serving appetizers, or even as stands for the table’s centerpieces, thereby anchoring the theme of the table.

The use of gold chargers has practical as well as aesthetic benefits. Chargers will protect the tablecloth from marks or stains by catching any spillages during the meal. A charger will also act as insulation to help keep the plates and food hot, while at the same time protecting the table from damage by absorbing any excess heat.

Etiquette for using your gold chargers:

A charger should be used to indicate each place setting. If there are name cards for the guests, you can place these in the center of the chargers.

The bottom of the flatware should align with the bottom edge of the charger, one inch from the table’s edge.

Places should be set two feet apart from the center of the charger, to allow the guests sufficient elbow room.

Chargers can either be removed when the first course arrives or left on the table throughout the meal, with plates set on top of them. However, they are always removed before dessert is served. Check out our gold charger plates selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from CV Linens plates shops.

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