How to Store Propane Tanks in Trumbull CT Safely

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Propane

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Safely storing Propane Tanks in Trumbull CT is always a major issue for propane clients in industrial and residential gas cylinder markets. It is crucial that the location and position of your tank are both taken care of. Part of the essential safety practices are pegged on how well your tank is taken care of before, during and after use.


Storing your propane tank with or near other combustible or flammable materials is considered as not only unsafe, but extremely inadvisable under any type of circumstance. It is important that you never store your propane cylinders indoors, garage or in your house.


The Storage Location


Before tanks can be used, they should be stored in an area that is well ventilated and away from heavy, constant traffic. Tanks stored in the upright position should always be placed on flat surfaces like concrete and other such non-flammable materials that do not collect water.


When stored in damp areas, propane tanks are exposed to conditions likely to precipitate rusting and or pitting that will render your tank useless. Storing your container is also not advisable. Experts advise that propane tanks be stored outside on firm surfaces and from any type of ignition source.


The Storage Position


Your propane container should be stored in such a position that the relief valve communicates directly with the vapor space inside. Horizontally stored tanks have relief valves communicating with the vapor space.


The safety relief valve should also be pointed away from anything in case escaping propane gets in touch with something that could cause an accident or a fire. Improperly stored tanks lead to a much greater danger of liquid escaping instead of vapor. The best position to store your propane container is upright, for safety’s sake.


Improper Storage


To ensure that your Propane Tanks are stored properly and safely, it is crucial that you ensure:


If your tank is half-full and lying horizontally, ensure that the safety relief valve is in the vapor level section by changing its position to upright


For industrial type tanks stored horizontally, the safety valve should be above the liquid level


For more information on the proper storage of propane tanks in Trumbull CT, contact the Rural Gas Company. Apart from the obvious dangers, improperly storing your tank can also cause extensive damage to the container. Join other satisfied customers and get advice from the experts.