How to Remember God is here for you

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Religion

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Faith can be difficult. It can lead to doubt when you see things happening either in your life or the life of others that seem to be so tragic. However there are many ways for you to remember God is always here for you.


Biblical Prophecies are an excellent reminder of God’s existence. You can request biblical prophecies to learn more about them and then reflect on them when you are feeling doubtful. Everyone wants to know that God is truly there, however faith is about believing without proof. When you have faith you will find proof in the happiness God’s love can bring to your life.


Many Christians find spending time close to nature is a wonderful way to remind them of God’s existence. A walk in the forest, along the beach or climbing a hill with a view of green valleys are all wonderful ways to get in touch with your spiritual side and commune with nature. God is in every leaf, stone and drop of rain and when you spend time in silent wonder at the beauty of the earth you will soon feel God’s presence embracing you.


Research inspirational stories to see God is always at work. The news tends to focus on bad things and tragedies and rarely heralds us with stories of love and kindness. When you go online you will find thousands of stories to inspire and enlighten you about the beauty of man and the kindness we have in our hearts. This is always an effective way to remember God is always here with you.


Prayer and daily devotions are the best way to strengthen your relationship with God. Your faith is your best tool to stay in tune with the Lord and remember he is ever present. Quiet time for prayer and devotions are reflective and peaceful and allow you the time you need to reconnect with God and your own inner spirit in order to strengthen your faith. Doing this everyday is how Christians are able to remain so devout. You can also read the bible and mark the pages that are special to you. You can then return to them again and again to help you to remember God is always here.


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