How to Reduce Consumption of Heating Oil in your Home

If you reside in one of the North eastern states of US, your home might be fuelled by heating oil for heating your home. One third of households in the North eastern states use this energy source to fire their oil burning furnaces for domestic heating.


Seven percent of households across the states, i.e. almost 8.5 million homes and families depend on this energy source. Heating oil is obtained by the distillation of crude oil, and prices also rise and fall with the fluctuations in crude prices. To avoid paying steeper prices in the winter, consumers can stock up on heating oil in the summer and fall. Fill underground tanks when prices are lower.


For those who use heating oil in your home furnace, regular maintenance is essential as there are some hazards to a malfunctioning furnace. Furnaces should be located in a well-ventilated area of the house. Incomplete combustion of the oil can cause carbon monoxide to circulate throughout your home through ducts. Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas. Carbon monoxide detectors can be installed to detect the presence of this silent killer and alert residents. Regular maintenance, service and repairs can avoid such mishaps. If the oil burners leak or fail to ignite, there are risks of home fires.


Besides safety concerns, furnace tune ups can provide a number of benefits to a home owner:


1. Regular maintenance of HVAC equipment can lower your utility bills.


2. The life of equipment is extended with maintenance and timely repairs.


3. Overhauling your system would prevent breakdowns and wear and tear of your heating system.


4. The heating capacity would be improved.


There are a number of ways to keep your utility bills down this winter and reduce the consumption of heating oil in your home. Weatherproofing and winterizing the home during fall and late summer would keep the fuel costs down in the cold weather. Check doors and windows for leaks and drafts. Seal up drafts with weather stripping. Put up curtains to keep your home warm. Double glazing windows can keep energy loss down. Insulate your attics and the floors above crawl spaces and basement where maximum heat can be lost.


The best way to prolong the life and ensure efficient performance of your home HVAC system is to sign a service contract with local service contractors. Most repairs and an annual tune up are included in the contract. Some contractors inspect your heating system for ways to minimize energy bills and conserve your stock of heating oil. Milton, MA residents can get energy audit performed by local contractors to find ways to control energy loss.


Heating Oil Milton, MA – If you are looking for ways to reduce consumption of heating oil, Milton, MA residents can get a free heating system inspection at Reggie’s Oil. Call 617-471-2095.

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