How to Perform an Inspection to Perform Basic Residential Door Repair in Maple Grove

by | Apr 11, 2015 | Garage Doors

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Your garage door is an essential part of your home’s insulation system, safety system, and exterior appeal. When this movable structure does not function right, it’s necessary to perform a basic inspection to find the problem. Doing this will entail an evaluation of the the garage door and the hardware used to make it operate. Use the following steps to help you perform a Residential Door Repair in Maple Grove.

Garage doors operate on spring tension. Because this tension can be power, don’t handle the springs. Let a professional do this. The garage door ascends and descends along metals tracks using wheels. These metal tracks are attached to the sides of the garage on opposite sides of the garage door. Hinges connect the rollers to the garage door and mounting brackets attach the metal tracks to the garage walls. Carefully inspect the metal tracks. They should be free of crimps, dents, and dings. You can use a rubber mallet to strike the tracks when there is a defect. The mounting brackets should be firmly secured to the tracks and walls with fasteners.

Check out the position of the tracks. They should be vertical to one another in the front and gradually descend towards the back of the garage. When they are improperly positioned, loosen the fasteners to realign the tracks. You may have to make new holes for the fasteners when the tracks are out of alignment by a large degree. Use a spirit level to make sure the vertical part of the tracks are plumb and the horizontal parts are angled to a proper degree.

For wheels to move up and down the track with no interference, wash the tracks every month. Using a solution of half water and half household determent, wet a sponge. Clean grime, residue, dust, and debris from the tracks. Use another sponge dipped in clear water to rinse the tracks. Wipe both tracks with a cloth to prevent rusting. You can perform Residential Door Repair in Maple Grove as you proceed with your inspection or come back to a problem later. For more information on garage door services, please talk to an expert at Custom Door Sales.