How to Know When You Are Going to Need an Alimony Lawyer

While a lawyer is generally recommended any time a divorce is at hand, there are certainly times when one is needed more than other times. To keep your assets your own or to make sure things are divided fair, make sure to contact a Darien alimony attorney.

Before The Marriage Happens

Even before you get married, you should consult an attorney about alimony. This is especially true if you are bringing major assets into the marriage, but is really applicable for any marriage. While it may seem to be focused on the negative, the hard truth is that modern marriage has a high failure rate. This means both parties need to go in with open eyes and be ready to protect what they came into the marriage.

When Divorce Is Imminent

If you are currently married, but you know that will be getting divorced, it is definitely time that you speak with an attorney. If you both own many things that were acquired during the marriage, then there is generally a fair and equitable split that will be worked out before the divorce actually goes to court.

When There Are Children Involved

If there are children involved, there may be a court-ordered alimony payment from one parent to the other. While it is not required, it is usually applied if one parent makes significantly more than the other parent and they both share in parenting time. A Darien alimony attorney will be able to tell you more when they know of your specific situation.

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