How to Know When It Is Time for Air Conditioner Repair in Evanston

by | Nov 21, 2023 | Air Conditioning

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There may come a time when you will need air conditioner repair in Evanston. You’ll probably notice a difference in the way your air conditioner is operating when that time arrives. Consider it time for air conditioner repair in Evanston when you see these warning signals:

  • One sign your air conditioner needs to be serviced is a lack of cool air coming out of the vents. This can happen when the air filter is clogged, but it can also occur for a number of other reasons. You should have your air conditioner checked when you see this sign.
  • Another sign your air conditioner needs to be looked at by a professional is decreased air flow coming out of the vents. The airflow should be powerful. Though the cause could simply be a dirty air filter that needs to be changed, you need to have your air conditioner looked at by an air conditioner repairman.
  • If you see moisture around your air conditioner unit, you need to contact an air conditioner repairman. Moisture around your air conditioner could be a sign of a refrigerant problem. Your unit could have a refrigerant leak.

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