How to Handle a Wrongful Termination

Handle a wrongful termination right. Read on for tips to help you move forward.

Hire legal help

The best way to know if your termination was legal or not is to hire a lawyer. Engage the services of a wrongful termination attorney to help you figure out if you should sue or not.

Read up

It helps if you’re familiar with the different examples of employees being wrongfully terminated from their jobs. For instance, did you get fired because of your gender or sex? Do you think they terminated your contract because of your race, color, religion or disability? Did they fire you because you were pregnant or getting old? If your situation closely mirrors any of these, then it may be best to file a lawsuit.

Pick the right one

Not all lawyers are equal, though. If you’re hiring a wrongful termination attorney, pick someone with the right credentials and qualifications. Start by checking out the lawyer’s specialization. Does his practice focus on winning wrongful employee termination cases? Then that means you’re hiring the right legal help.

Know your goals

What do you want? Why are you suing the company? Do you need the financial recompense? Do you want to advocate change that could result in a ripple effect and affect other companies and working conditions as well? Do you want the satisfaction of knowing they paid for their crimes or what they did to you? That they won’t be able to sweep this under the rug and pretend it never happened? Do you want to fight against the injustice you suffered, even if it entails a long legal battle? Find out what your reasons for suing are and figure out if they’re realistic or not, The Balance says. Discussing the case with your lawyer can help you sort this out.

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