How to Get the Right Carbide Inserts Scrap Price

The price of carbide per pound is changing daily so is the carbide inserts scrap price. This influences the use and fabrication of carbide inserts that are used in machining and end mills. Many machining service companies are affected by this constant change since they are using carbide inserts in their steel tools.

What is a Carbide Insert?
Carbide in itself is a very expensive material compared to its counterparts. It is also more brittle, which makes it vulnerable to breaking and chipping. To offset this weakness, carbide is mostly used in steel tools in the form of an insert. Using a carbide insert is, therefore, more viable and cheaper than making the entire carbide tool steel.

However, since the same material and cutting effect are used to create the inserts, the carbide inserts scrap price remains high.

Steps in Turning Scrap Carbide into Cash
You can get a little extra money by selling your used carbide inserts. Here are some of the steps you need to take in order to get a good carbide inserts scrap price.

1. Gather all your scrap carbide
2. Get their total weight
3. Search the Internet for the current price of scrap carbide
4. Call an established carbide scrap buying company
5. Ask for a quote on your old carbide inserts
6. If the quote is above the going rate of carbide in the market, then you have found a place to sell your carbide inserts scrap.

Price Depends on the Content
The scrap price of carbide depends on the percentage or its tungsten content as well as the moisture content of the material. This means, the higher the tungsten content, the higher the price will be of the scrap carbide.

In conclusion, there is a process involves in the getting the price you desire for your carbide inserts. Follow the suggestions offered above as a guideline for achieving the best result. Know what you have in terms of your carbide insert products and understand the carbide market in preparation for getting your optimum price. The price is continually changing, so having a current knowledge of the market is important.

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