How to Get Genuine Amazon Reviews for Your Products

by | May 9, 2018 | Marketing

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The difference between a product that sells well and a product that doesn’t move is the reviews the product receives. Customers trust products that have been verified by people like them, and why wouldn’t they? People like being reassured that they’re making a sound decision.

Amazon sellers know this, and they have historically gone about getting good reviews both legally and illegally. It is not necessary to resort to faking reviews or offering money and discounted products to reviewers for a few reasons:

  • It’s illegal. Entrepreneur reports that Amazon began suing sellers who wrote fake reviews for their products in 2015. This crackdown has not stopped since.
  • It can get your account restricted. Amazon’s Community Guidelines state that suspiciously high numbers of reviews showing up at once can lead to Amazon limiting your account.
  • It’s easy to spot. Savvy customers can tell the difference between a genuine review from an online shopper like themselves, and a fake, generic one that doesn’t ring true. In fact, customers are starting to use services such as Fakespot to identify fake product reviews before making purchases.

Luckily for both sellers who want their products to sell, and for customers who want to make informed purchases, people are still finding ways to encourage customers to leave real reviews. Here are some tried and true methods on how to get genuine Amazon reviews for your products:

  • Enroll in the Amazon Vine program. This program is the Amazon-approved incentivized review system. While useful, this program can be costly and is currently invite-only.
  • Include inserts in your products that suggest your customers leave reviews. As long as the inserts are not promotional, and are neutral in nature, Amazon’s Seller Central rules approve them.
  • Use a follow-up service. These take the homemade insert method up a level, using an algorithm to ensure that the buyers leaving feedback are the ones who would be more likely to leave positive reviews. After following instructions to register a purchase, customers use a rating system (4-5 stars). Customers who leave high stars are taken to a page which asks them if they would like to leave feedback on Amazon. This method, as Review Formula states, pulls in real, genuine reviews, as well as builds a list of customer contact information for the future.