How to Find an Auto Repair Shop in Telford PA

Car problems can be inconvenient, tedious, and stressful. Make it easier by finding a reputable facility for auto repair in Telford PA. Check out the following tips.

Ask for referrals

Referrals and tips from family and friends can help you find a repair shop you can trust, the Federal Trade Commission says. The best part is, you save time and effort when you get a ton of good leads and referrals.

Find one beforehand

Don’t be rushed into last-minute decisions. Look for a mechanic in advance. Mechanics, AC contractors, dentists, and doctors are just a few of the numbers you’ll want to have in your phone book. That way, when car problems happen, you won’t have to waste time scouring out site pages, looking for the right one. Just call and wait for help to arrive.

Ask about the warranty

Look for a repair facility that offers warranties for auto repair Telford PA. That’s one way to filter your list of prospective repair shops.

Check out the staff

The last thing you want is to hand over your ride to an amateur. It pays to check the staff at the repair facility before you bring your car over. What are their qualifications? What kind of credentials do they have? Are those legit? Find out.

Call and schedule an appointment

Talking to the facility’s staff on the phone can tell you a lot about the service quality at the shop. Is the staff accommodating and friendly? Did you feel like they wanted to get your business or were they rushing you off the phone? Consider the way the staff treats you when you look for a repair facility.

Read reviews

Look for online reviews. Are there too many complaints and negative feedback from unhappy customers? Don’t waste your time. Look elsewhere.

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