How to Choose the Right Warewashing Equipment

Getting your dishes and utensils clean is an integral part of running any professional food service in and around Casper WY. The right warewashing equipment can make all the difference. However, to choose the right equipment, you need to establish some hard standards as to what you’re looking for. Here is a good starting point.

Simplicity of Use

Even a good piece of equipment can become nearly useless if it is difficult to use. The time you spend training staff on how to use it and on troubleshooting problems that come up could be used to make money in more productive ways. Also, if the staff start to get frustrated as they use the equipment, morale will suffer and the product or service will be impacted as well.

Sanitization Requirements Must Be Met

To maintain your right to professionally produce food, your establishment in Casper, WY is going to have to obtain warewashing equipment that meets the minimum sanitation requirements. You may have to do some research as to what those are and then ask your supplier to what extent their equipment meets or exceeds the minimum specifications. Without this consideration, you run the risk of being shut down—or even worse—getting somebody seriously ill.

Speed Matters

Even a very energy efficient and thorough piece of warewashing equipment can become a burden if it doesn’t do its job fast enough. The objective is to never force your staff to have to wait on a dish or utensil they need to prepare your product or serve it. Before deciding on which warewashing equipment is right for your operation, make sure you have an idea as to the type of turnaround speed you need to keep your staff well-equipped.

Dishes Must Be Super Clean

Nothing is worse to a patron than when they see a dirty dish sitting in front of them. Make sure your warewashing equipment is up to the task of satisfying even the pickiest clientele. Check the dishes it washes using different types of grease, sugars, and other stains. Check them in the same lighting you will use in your place of business. If the stains are noticeable, move on to the next piece of warewashing equipment.

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