How to Change an Automotive Battery

Car batteries don’t last forever, and after a few years, they can die suddenly. For example, one day everything is fine, and the next day, you have a dead battery on your hands. If you have to jump-start your car often, you may need a new battery. Many car owners love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from making their own auto repairs and removing a battery J bolt, cables, and replacing a battery is within most people’s skill sets. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

Before You Take Out the Old Battery

It’s best to keep 12 volts of power going to your car while the battery is out. You can do this by connecting another battery or battery jump starter to the cables and leaving them on until you install the new battery. You also can plug a 12-volt source or memory keeper into the accessory plug. This keeps all your electrical settings intact.

Remove the Mounts

Take out each battery J bolt and inspect it for corrosion. If it’s in bad shape, replace it with a new mounting kit. After making sure you have power going to the vehicle’s electrical system, disconnect the cables from the terminals.

Remove the old battery and take it to your automotive center for testing. They’ll tell you if it’s bad and can sell you a perfect replacement. This is important because you may have a bad alternator or something draining your battery, and a new battery won’t fix the problem.


Installing your new battery is the opposite of removing it. Make sure your cables are clean and buy some corrosion prevention cream or spray. Apply it to the posts before installation. Tight down the cables and re-install each battery J bolt. As you can see, it’s not really a hard job.

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