How to Become a Certified Legal Assistant

If you are seeking a rewarding career with many potential opportunities then legal studies may be just what you are looking for. Studying law can be very challenging but has a number of rewards and benefits. As a legal assistant you will be given the opportunity to help attorneys prepare for their legal cases and perform various duties in the office. It requires a great attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and the knowledge of various aspects of law.

Steps to Becoming a Legal Assistant
If you want to make the most out of your career you are going to want to become a certified legal assistant. This will open up many doors and provide you with the opportunity to learn about a number of different types of law. A professional certification provides you with the recognition that is required to work in a legal setting. Professionals and employers will abide by this process and expect you to do the same.

In order to obtain your certification as a legal assistant, you will first need to obtain any educational requirements that are needed to keep your certification current and in good standing. While some law firms will hire uncertified legal assistants, it is very rare.

In order to become a certified legal assistant, you must first understand more about the credentialing bodies and determine which one is required in your state. The most common certification programs are Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) and Certified Paralegal (CP). In many cases these two certifications are the same and have the ability to be interchanged.

Before you take your exam you want to make sure that you have met all of the current eligibility requirements needed to take the exam. You must have completed your education through a program that is approved by the board. In some states you will have to have a Bachelor?s degree and a year of experience in the legal field in order to qualify to take the exam. Take time to make a list of schools that are offering legal assistant certificate program and contact them to find out about their requirements.

The Perks of Legal Assisting
Legal assisting is a career that will not be disappearing any time soon. There are many different opportunities for you to excel in this career field. It provides you with the skills and knowledge that gives you the opportunity to practices law in your own way.

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