How the Under-Appreciated But Significant Jones Act Can Make or Break a Lawsuit with a Maritime Injury Attorney

When an injury occurs at sea, the results can be seismic. Anyone who works at sea puts themselves at a greater risk by simply being far away from a major hospital or even an established doctor. Help is not close by, and that inherently makes maritime work far more dangerous- and more favorable when setting up a Maritime Injury Attorney lawsuit.

The Jones Act is the arbiter for building a case against irresponsibility at sea. The Jones Act is very simple. If an injury occurs at sea because of the negligence of equipment maintenance or the unseaworthiness of a particular vessel, a case can be made to substantiate a victim for their injuries. Even if no specific person was at fault, a case could be made.

The Act was likely established after thousands were injured by equipment- not the direct impact of someone else. Maritime work is dangerous, and exceptionally so when working underwater, on oil rigs, and in severe weather. The potential obstacles and threats are increased tenfold, and many injuries occur while nowhere near another person. The Jones Act is a protective barrier for client’s dealing with an injury from the ocean.

How does one know if the Jones Act applies or if they are going to be bringing a lawsuit against an individual? The Jones Act applies if the vessel or equipment was not meeting safety regulations. This means that the owner must prove that the equipment was inspected on time, and actions were taken if there was a demerit with the vessel or equipment. Furthermore, any professional involved with the running of the vessel or the equipment must have proper accreditation.

If they do not, the fault may not lie on the unlicensed individual. It may lie on the operating owner of the vessel. That is for the Maritime Injury Attorney to determine. The equipment must also be in proper working order and inspected. If everything checks out and the injury was substantial, it might be time to contact Gardner Law Firm PC. The team looks at maritime injuries in detail and builds the facts of the story. It is a dangerous place out there, and the injured should be wall cared for when things go wrong. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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