How Starch Additives Improve Adhesives in the Corrugated Industry

The corrugated industry depends on adhesives, and when they fail, major problems develop. Although practically any type of glue will hold paper products together, it takes a special recipe to create a long-lasting bond. Modern adhesives must prevent moisture absorption and other hazards of the industry. Starch additives play an important part in the adhesive production process and here are some reasons why.


A conventional adhesive contains water and before it can bond, the moisture must either evaporate or completely soak into the paper. This process takes a long time and in the corrugated box business, time is money. Using the right starch additives can significantly speed up the time it takes for adhesives to dry and bond. Faster drying times translate into increased production and more profits.

Selecting the right drying additive is a long process. For example, one must test the strength after the glue cures. You must also take into account other factors like pH and viscosity.

Container Strength

Adhesives affect the overall strength of corrugated containers. Since some boxes are stronger than others, choosing the proper adhesive is essential. One must consider many factors, including quality control, testing, machine efficiency and human error. The best starch additives can deliver positive results for all these issues.

The Addition of Borax

Many companies are turning to boron based additives for starch adhesives. By adding a liquid borax solution, the adhesive viscosity is better controlled. Borax helps increase glue efficiency, and it sets up faster. By controlling viscosity, adhesives dispense faster, creating less waste.

You can use either powdered or liquid borax. However, liquid borax does not need dust control measures. Borax dust is toxic when inhaled, and when it touches the skin.

Choosing an experienced company for your adhesive additives is important. You have professional help with the entire process and many products at your disposal.

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