How Scottsdale Residents Can Slow the Progress of Peripheral Artery Disease

It is possible for individuals to slow the progression of peripheral artery disease by making some changes. Here are tips to help improve your circulation and care for your feet. These are recommendations that cardiologists in Scottsdale, AZ, often recommend that their patients do.

When it comes to improving your circulation, quitting smoking is a good first step. Do not use any type of tobacco, including cigars, chewing tobacco, pipes, or cigarettes. Avoid the use of e-cigarettes.

Make sure you consume a healthy diet. It should be low in saturated fat and cholesterol. This will prevent plaque from building up in your arteries. When looking at the food you consume, try to reduce calories if you are overweight. If you can lose weight, you will reduce the work your heart needs to do when pumping blood through your vessels.

Other things you can do to improve circulation include watching your blood pressure and managing diabetes.

Cardiologists in Scottsdale, AZ, help their patients understand the importance of good foot care when it comes to slow the progression of peripheral artery disease. Examine your feet each day. Look for sores, red spots, blisters, cuts, and swelling. Let your doctor know if you have a cut or sore that does not heal after a few days. Keep your feet clean. Always wear shoes to protect your feet.

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