How Martial Arts Advertising Has Gone from Taboo to Slick in No Time Flat

by | Oct 31, 2023 | Marketing Agency

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Serious marital artists long detested the idea of marketing their arts. Many of them were even kept under a sort of mystique long after they made their transition out of their countries of origin. Eventually, instructors came to the realization if they ever hoped to attract students they would need to reach out to a wider potential number of people and build a martial arts advertising campaign that connected them with consumers.

Once school managers started to realize that the positive impact martial arts could have on a person’s life could never happen if they weren’t able to reach them where they were at the time, martial arts advertising took on a life of its own. Today’s slick campaigns are nothing like those of the past. Rather, these are geared toward promoting the arts in ways that martial artists of just a few years past could never have predicted.

Blog posts, social media content, videos and even podcasts have all become part of the promotional process. This means that people who might have never even thought about the possibility of studying the martial arts are now reaching out to instructors because of something they saw or heard in an unlikely place. As soon as they elect to, there’s a good chance that they’ll land on a page features a suitable design thus making it easy for them to sign up for the kind of classes that would be most useful for someone in their position. Advanced students transferring from other schools are quickly coming over as a result of these changes too.