How Hindu Astrologers can help you determine your destiny

Hindu Astrologers in Union City CA can help you determine your life’s path, give you a better understanding of who you are and give you advice on love, finances and career choices. Also called Moon Astrology, this method originated from the sacred Indian texts, Vedas.

According to Vedas, there are 5 elements:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Sky

Each of these five elements is taken into consideration when studying hindu astrology in Union City CA, as well as the Constellations and moon sign. The sky element is given the utmost importance. Moon Astrology studies the Constellations with the Moon in the center. The moon governs emotions and the mind, and ‘no event is possible without the Moon.’

This systems also places special importance on time; so the date right down to the hour and second of your birth is important to get as accurate a reading as possible. Many believe that it is more accurate than the Western Astrology system we know today. Moon Astrology can be much more precise by which one can ‘see’ into the future and can deal with difficulties and challenges before they even arise.

Hindu Astrology consist of the same 12 Zodiac signs that the Western Astrology does. But because Hindu Astrology accounts for the fact that the equinoxes precede about 50 seconds each year, it works out to losing an entire day every 72 years. That pushes everything back; what that means is that if you are a Scorpio in Western Astrology, you may be a Libra in Hindu Astrology.

Moon Astrology can give you more information about the following areas of your life:

  • Money and finances: are you going to struggle financially, or will you live a comfortable, wealthy life?
  • Career: Are you going to have a rewarding and satisfying career?
  • Love: Will you find your soul-mate?
  • Fulfillment: Will you have a happy and fulfilled life, or will always be looking for something that’s missing?
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