How Church Volunteers Help Keep Jesus’s Teachings of Charity Alive in Deed as Well as Spirit

One of the most beautiful aspects of the Abrahamic Religions as a whole is the fact that they all include provisions for giving back to the community. The Hebrew Bible, historically, was able to survive and be passed down as the centerpiece of Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora, allowing them to retain their Jewishness wherever they went. For Muslims, the impetus to help the poor is written right into the Five Pillars of Islam. And, of course, for Christians, Jesus himself is one of the great exemplars of selflessness and giving. From his sessions with his disciples to his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus’s teachings emphasize the importance of community, giving back, and ultimately, the volunteer spirit.

And it is in that type of spirit, therefore, that church volunteers act, enacting Jesus’s teachings of charity and goodwill towards others tangibly.

Food Drives

One of the most visible ways in which church members can, and throughout the Christian world, do volunteer today, is in the form of food drives. It is no coincidence that one of Jesus’s most celebrated miracles – the feeding of many via fish loaves – is food-based. A need for food is a constant throughout the human condition, and so Jesus’s ability to feed the hungry masses in such a way speaks to a want and need we all share.

The best church volunteers thus keep the spirit of such miracles alive via food drives. They are most conspicuous during the holidays, of course, but you can volunteer to help collect and donate food to the needy throughout the year.

Volunteer Today

There are many other ways you can volunteer to help out the church. Visit regularly to get the latest on various volunteer projects are upcoming, and how you can help.

Help make Jesus’s teachings of charity manifest in the most tangible, humanitarian fashion possible through food drives and other church volunteerism today. You can also follow them on Instagram for more information.

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