How Can You Know You Need AC Repair in Mesa?

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Most people do not think much about their air conditioning systems until a breakdown occurs. It is then they quickly learn how very important these systems are in the hot summer months. Instead of waiting for a full breakdown, it is important to know the signs to look for when your system is having problems. This can help you to know when to contact the AC repair in Mesa area, so you can get your system repaired right away and help to avoid expensive AC replacements.


What Can You Expect When Your AC Unit Needs Repair?


One of the first signs you may notice in your system is that it does not seem to be cooling as effectively as it once did. This often occurs when the system needs a refill of Freon or a condenser is going bad. You may notice the rooms farthest from your system seem warmer than other rooms. You may also notice your system seems to be blowing out warm air instead of cool. If this is happening, you need to contact a repair technician and have them look at your system. It is best to power down your system and not run it until it has been repaired. This can help you to avoid damage to your system.


A major sign of problems is your system freezing up. If your coils freeze or you notice icing inside or outside of the unit, you need to shutdown the system and call for repair. The same applies if your system keeps shutting off because it is overheating. These signs can signal major problems with your unit. If you try to continue running it, you will most likely blow your motor and end up spending much more in repairs, than you would like.


If you need AC Repair in Mesa, contact Aire Serv. They will be glad to come out to your home and inspect your system, checking for any issues. This can get your system repaired quickly so you and your family can be cool again. By understanding these signs to look for, you can be prepared to call for a repair.