How Can Iowa Fire Control Help Your Company

In Iowa, companies are required to comply with safety regulations that help them maintain a safe work environment. These same regulations apply to fire safety measures that are required to mitigate the risk of a fire. The following are details about how Iowa Fire Control can help these companies remain compliant.

Identify All Required Fire Safety Equipment

The consultant will perform an inspection of the entire property. The inspection determines if the company owner has installed all the necessary fire safety equipment required by federal laws. The consultant generates a report that identifies any possible violations that could lead to penalties. They also recommend fire safety equipment for specific spaces that weren’t managed properly.

Set Up Training for Employees

The consultant also schedules fire safety training for all employees in the building. These workers must become aware of all fire safety requirements to ensure compliance. The training courses will include the use of fire extinguishers as well as testing and maintenance requirements. The workers will also learn how to follow evacuation plans and proper protocol to follow in the event of a fire.

Review Maintenance and Testing Requirements

The Iowa Fire Control consultant will review all current maintenance and testing requirements for all equipment installed. They present the owner with details about these requirements to ensure that the owner understands these processes. All maintenance and repairs must be recorded in a log book. These details will be reviewed by OSHA representatives when safety inspections are conducted.

Set Up an Escape Plan and Introduce it to Workers

The company will need to set up an escape plan and introduce it to their workers. They must conduct fire safety meetings according to federal regulations. These meetings introduce the workers o any new devices that were installed inside the building as well.

In Iowa, companies must follow all federal fire safety laws to remain compliant. A fire safety consultant can provide these owners with details about all equipment required for their building. This includes training for their workers as well as required maintenance and testing. Company owners who need more information contact Iowa Fire Control Des Moines IA today.

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