How an Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You Prepare for the Future

While people know at some point their life will end, they dread the thought of planning for their death. People like to believe they will live a long life and pass away of natural causes in their elderly years. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and their life is cut short due to an illness or accident. When you spend a lifetime accumulating assets and finances, you want to ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes. With estate planning in Lakewood, an attorney can help prepare your estate to ensure it is dispersed to the individuals you wish to inherit your property. In addition to appointing a power of attorney to oversee your financial and medical decisions if you should become incapacitated.

Advantages of Preparing for the Unexpected

  • A will allows you to document who will receive specific personal items upon your death.
  • Trust funds can be established to provide family members with financial support after you have passed away and you can express how the funds should be used.
  • Estate planning will allow you to name guardians for minor children or disabled adults to ensure they are taken care of by the individuals you appoint. Instead of being warded to the state to care for them.
  • Assigning a power of attorney appoints an individual to make important decisions for you when you are unable to. This minimizes the risk of family members disputing over your financial and medical care when you are incapacitated.

Gain Peace of Mind Your Final Wishes are Respected

While you want to believe that your family will respect your final wishes this is not always the case. They can disagree on who will inherit your property and make wise medical decisions for you. Plus, without a legal document expressing your final wishes, your estate can be tied up in probate court to consume a good portion of your assets. At Stone Law, LLC they offer the services you require to properly prepare and document how to distribute your estate.

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