How An Ant Exterminator In Tulsa, OK Treats Infestations And Produces A Safer Home

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Pest Control Service

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In Oklahoma, ants are a common pest that invades homes. The first step to removing them is to identify the specific species. The species type determines what substances in the home attracted them in the first place. An Ant Exterminator in Tulsa OK makes these assessments and devises an appropriate course of action.

What is a Transfer Pesticide?

All ant species live inside colonies. They travel to areas in which they acquire food sources. They transfer the food back to the colony by working together.

A transfer pesticide applies a poisonous substance onto these food sources. As the ants transfer the food back to the colony, the poison spreads. The ants inside the colony eat the food and die. All ants that came into contact with the pesticide also die.

Using Ant Traps

Ant traps capture the ants as they travel through them. They stick to the pesticide inside the traps and cannot leave. The traps are useful when treating infestations entering into the home.

Pest control professionals use the pesticide and traps for ant infestations. They spray all visible ants with the pesticide. They place the traps in areas in which the ants are likely to travel. If the infestation is severe, they’ll reapply these strategies during an additional visit.

Identifying All Food Sources

Foods and garbage are the primary sources of food for ants. A professional exterminator advises homeowners never to leave food out overnight. Bagging up all waste products and placing them into outdoor receptacles reduces ants inside the property.

Ants require water to live. They seek out water supplies. This makes dripping faucets and bathtubs primary targets. Repairing any leaks reduces a re-occurrence of ant infestations. By drying inside and around bathtubs and sinks, homeowner decreases these risks as well.

An Ant Exterminator in Tulsa OK offers effective treatments for homeowners. These treatments reduce the probability of ant bites and ant venom-related incidents. This presents a safer environment for homeowners and their family members with allergies to these insects. The treatments also prevent property damage and contamination of foods. To learn more about ant extermination services, visit or their Pinterest today.