How a Plumber Can Help You Renovate Your Bathroom

by | May 28, 2024 | Plumber

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When you would like to remodel your bathroom, there can be a lot involved in the process. From hiring professionals, to painting, or even finding the new toilet and shower, it can become tiring. Hiring a professional plumber can help make the process easier for you. You can find a plumber in Fort Myers, FL that can help you with your remodel.

Installing Pipes

If you would like all new plumbing pipes, your plumber can install them for you. If you plan on replacing your toilet, sink, or shower with a newer model, you should consider new pipes. Your plumber can install new pipes that will be up to code. Newer pipes can also increase the performance of your bathroom fixtures. Over time, pipes will become old and can cause less water pressure from your sink or shower.


Plumbers can perform inspections on the piping that is already inside your home to see if there are any issues. They can also tell you if any issues can happen in the future. Many homes switched to copper piping in the middle of the 1900s. While the copper helps to fight against corrosion, but they can still rust over time. Many people choose to switch to plastic piping when they decide to install new plumbing pipes.

Pipe Repairs

If you’d like to keep the pipes that are already installed in your home, you can. Your plumber can fix any leaks or clogs that there may be. If you have iron pipes within your home, they can rust and start to break apart after time. This rusting and breaking can cause small or severe leaks. Copper pipes can also leak; they can even begin to rust after time. You might not notice a small clog at first, but they can build up over time and cause serious problems. You can find a plumber that can fix all the issues you may have.

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