Home Seller Tips for Outdoor Home Appeal

Are you thinking about selling your home? If so, your curb appeal is an important factor and there are a variety of outdoor things as well as indoor things that will make a difference to how quickly you are able to sell your home as well as how close your offers will get to your asking price. Here are some areas to consider:

The Home’s Entryway

A boldly painted door, wreath, and welcome mat could be great ways to make the front of your home look welcoming. Lack of clutter is important here. Beyond the door, the deck, the staircase, veranda, wrap-around porch or whatever you call it should be in good repair without chipping paint, signs of rot, or other problems.


You don’t have to spend a small fortune on landscaping to make it appealing to potential home owners. But a few key touches outdoors can make a world of difference. Zero clutter, trimmed grass and shrubs, some colorful foliage, and some nice outdoor furniture could be all it takes.

Decks and Patios

Outdoor living areas are important. People like entertaining and like having the room to do it. Building a deck could dramatically improve your home’s perceived value, for instance.

If you have a deck already, it could be advantageous to have it repaired / refinished.  If you are thinking about building a deck, there are some great options out there. Why not have someone come out and talk to you about the possibilities. Whether you want a deck out back, a second story deck, something that’s connected, multi-tiered, has a hot tub, or surrounds your above ground swimming pool and makes it feel like an in-ground pool there are a multitude of options for decks and patios to create amazing outdoor living spaces.

Use Outdoor Appeal to Get Potential Buyers Indoors

Indoor appeal is important, too, but you’ll want to consider multiple ways to appeal to buyers. The look of the house from the exterior could be what helps get them inside to look at how great the interior of your home looks.

The company who puts in or repairs a deck for your home could also help you with indoor remodeling / refinishing ideas, too.

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