Home Health Care – A Reality for Alzheimer’s Patients and Millions of Us!

No longer able to take a week off to tend to your ailing elderly parent or relative? It’s the same story in thousands of households all over the US. We live in geographically distant locations and time zones. Taking time off work or away from young children and homes is becoming a daunting task. However, we feel the moral obligation to ensure the best home health care for someone near and dear, who can no longer take care of himself or herself. We all deserve dignity and honor to live out the ripe old years of our lives. Hence, compassionate and kind-hearted caregivers are going to be in high demand as time goes by!


The best facilities for home health care must provide some sort of accountability. When your dependent is suffering from dementia, you need assurance, he or she is receiving the proper care from a professional service. Most home health care services conduct a survey of the premises where the in-house assistance will be administered. They then advise what type of caregiver would be required for the client, and plan a proper care schedule keeping in mind the client’s emotional, physical and social needs. The client and the guardian often are given a selective choice of caregivers who might be appropriate for the specific needs of the client. This helps in allowing the proper selection of caregiver with whom your loved one might spend considerable amount of time.


When choosing a home health care facility, it is essential that the guardians or clients scrutinize the backgrounds of the caregivers. Home health care facilities should provide multilingual, legal citizens with proper insurance and having workers compensation and other benefits. The caregivers should preferably have training in CPR. The caregivers themselves should be screened for TB and other infectious diseases. Mostly, they should be of an even temperament, able and willing to take on the responsibilities of geriatric care.


As many senior citizens prefer to live in the familiar premises of their own homes for as long as they can, home health care and assisted living is a reality, most of us will have to live with! Seniors find that living at home relaxes them and gives them positive self-worth. If you live in the Chicago, IL, area, as a responsible guardian you should choose a facility known for compassionate home health care. Chicago, IL along with other states in the US has over 4.5 million people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease – a predominant reason for in-house care and assisted living.

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